About Us

We Specialize In Copper Bullion Art Bars And Coins.  We Will Try To Keep Our Prices As Competitive As Possible.  With Changing Inventory We Ask That You Check Back With Us Frequently For New And Exciting Products.

Copper Bullion Is A Fairly New Market.  Spot Prices Are For Raw Copper, As Well As Scrap Copper Like Old Wires And Plumbing. 

Copper like Gold and Silver has experienced significant growth over the last few years. **In research we found that many many years ago Copper was more valueable and sought after then Gold.  **This may happen again.

As Economic Uncertainty continues, investors are looking to commodities like Gold, Silver and Copper Bullion to safeguard the value of their wealth.


Pure Copper Bullion

A Great Affordable Addition to Your Precious Metals Investment.

Makes Great Gifts for Your Family, Friends and Preppers.